Author: Alison Rosenman

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This Year’s Haverfest to be a Bi-Co Collaboration

The end of the semester is upon us, which means that Haverfest is this weekend. Though many of the hype stickers posted around campus in the last few weeks have faded, this year’s festival is looking to be as sunny and vibrant as ever. In an email to all students, co-heads Cole Beecher’18 and Reid Cohen’18 elaborated on the event subtitle, “a Bi-co production,” b ...
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Survey Says… : Transparency

Do Haverford students know their own student representatives? We asked, 45 of you answered. Congratulations to Cole Sansom and Clerk editor-in-chief Maurice Rippel with the only completely-correct responses and a shout-out Ben Horowitz ‘17, the only enthusiastic alumni to play along. As a whole, however, we’ve got a little bit work to do. Here are the results: Only fiv ...