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Opinions Policy

At the Clerk, our editorial team works hard to create a platform for healthy discourse at Haverford College. One of our most frequently asked questions is if we publish anonymous opinions pieces.

We do not publish anonymous opinions per AP journalistic practice guidelines. There are many reasons for this policy. First, the Clerk believes in freedom of speech for all students on campus and does not think this instructs freedom from consequences. If students believe their view is unpopular, we invite them to enter into good faith conversation—not faceless criticism. Additionally, we believe the Clerk editorial staff should not have to compromise their roles as editors with the respect and concern they feel for their peers. When an opinion piece could harm other community members, it is imperative to our work that we do not let that happen without accountability.

At the editorial staff’s discretion, we will not publish low-quality, disingenuous, or blatantly false opinion pieces.

Please contact us with any questions you have about this policy.

All opinion pieces published in The Clerk represent the views and ideas of the author. To submit an opinion, contact us at