Monthly Archive: August 2017


From the Pen of the Editor: On Charlottesville and Journalism

Note: While not a conventional editorial, this statement by the Editor-in-Chief, in response to the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, was approved by all members of the Clerk's Editorial Board. First and foremost: to my fellow students of color, and all members of the Haverford community affected – I stand in solidarity with you. You are in my thoughts, my praye ...

Meeting the Haverford Innovation Platform (HIP)

Since October, The Clerk has been following the Haverford Innovation Platform (HIP), a program that was created to support innovation and social entrepreneurship on campus. We have spoken with students and staff about the program, trying to answer four central questions: What is HIP? Whom will it benefit? How is it funded? And how has it evolved? After nine months of inter ...