Monthly Archive: September 2016

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Is Effective Altruism Really Effective?

Coming out of the Peter Singer talk last week, audience members were abuzz at Founders Hall. Impassioned voices of frustration, anger, and incredulity were prevalent as students discussed Singer’s presentation, “The Most Good You Can Do,” which outlined his controversial perspective. Singer is moral philosopher...

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Peter Singer, Effective Altruism Proponent, Speaks at Haverford

Last Thursday, Peter Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton and one of the most high profile adherents of Effective Altruism, visited Founders Hall to discuss the Effective Altruism movement and its current progress. Effective Altruism focuses on applying analytic tools to determine the most positive...

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Thanks for Nothing: A Call to Action

Unlike many, I wasn’t surprised by a recent article in the Daily Gazette, the Swarthmore College student newspaper. What didn’t surprise me was the classist, implicit racism, and overall the ironic privilege in the vitriol of the penultimate paragraphs. “Demonizing wealthy students is not productive...