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After 27 Years, Registrar Lee Watkins Retires 2

After 27 Years, Registrar Lee Watkins Retires

Inside Chase Hall, in the Registrar’s Office, there is a small room that belongs to a Mr. Lee Watkins. When I visited, his room was dark; the shades were drawn, the light coming from the well-lit outer room. Everything about his desk was neat and tidy, with the feeling of efficient order and a ...

Security Summary 5/2-5/8 0

Security Summary 5/2-5/8

Friday, May 2nd 5:45 p.m. Suspicious Person Lloyd Hall A report was received of a suspicious male at Lloyd Hall. The male, who is known to officers as a mentally challenged local resident, left campus upon request. A second report was later received of the male being back in the area of...