Monthly Archive: April 2014

ETHOS Audits the Dining Center 0

ETHOS Audits the Dining Center

Earlier this month, the student-run Haverford food justice group ETHOS, which stands for "ethical, transparent, homegrown, organic, and sustainable," found that 9% of the food served by the Dining Center falls under the ETHOS def...

The Academic Honor Code in Crisis 21

The Academic Honor Code in Crisis

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in the number of academic trials at Haverford.  Given the level of trust afforded by professors to students in our system, it stands to reason that these cases represent a small of portion of the academic dishonesty that actually occurs here. T...
Horticulturist and students installed roughly 1000 new plants outside of Tritton and Kim. 0

Earth Day Comes to Campus

This spring, Haverford is making strides to increase awareness and action on environmental issues and sustainability.

The Haverford Arboretum celebrated Earth Day last Tuesday by hosting a planting event in the area between student dorms Tritton and Kim. A smal...

Security Summary 4/18-4/24 0

Security Summary 4/18-4/24

Friday, April 18th 9:21 p.m. Eye Wash Alarm INSC Someone pulled the eye wash station in the third floor Men’s Room of the INSC. Officer checked the men’s room and found a small amount of water on the floor. The water was cleaned up.   Saturday, April 19th...
Quaker House Off the Map 0

Quaker House Off the Map

Quaker House, a community-style housing option, has been a part of the Haverford College Apartments layout for almost six years, serving up Sunday brunches and hosting Quaker-related events.  But after failing to find the required 11 applicants during Spring Room Draw for the group application, Quaker House ...
Guest Editorial: UCAs and Alcohol 0

Guest Editorial: UCAs and Alcohol

As a UCA for the class of 2018, if you had asked me a week ago for my opinion on Dean Martinez’s changes with UCAs and alcohol, I would have vehemently disagreed with him. I have softened my position since then, because I have heard him clarify a number of aspects of the policy. He has indicated that his on...