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Security Summary 11/27-12/5 0

Security Summary 11/27-12/5

Wednesday, November 27th 4:17 p.m. Personal Injury Harris Road A student who had fallen near Union Hall the previous night was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital with an injured wrist. The Dean on Call and Health Services was notified. 4:36 p.m. Theft from Buildings Lunt Hall A student reported that her One Card was stolen from her coat pocket while she was attending a part ...
Menefee’s fake email was not theatre 3

Menefee’s fake email was not theatre

Last year, a student, Edward Menefee, sent out an email pretending to be Interim President Joanne Creighton and announcing changes to the financial aid policy regarding undocumented students. A few weeks ago, Honor Council released an abstract of the trial where he was confronted by the Administration and brought to Honor Council. Menefee justified his email as a theatrica ...
9 Things I Learned While Serving on Honor Council 1

9 Things I Learned While Serving on Honor Council

When I was a freshman, I used to picture Honor Council meetings taking place in a dark, austere courtroom, kind of like the Ministry of Magic dungeons in Harry Potter. In my mind, the name “Honor Council” itself invites notions of severity and gloom. Indeed I've found that many students at Haverford have shared similar, vaguely negative, impressions of Honor Council a ...