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Student documents grandfather’s discovery

In 1943, a graduate student at Rutgers University discovered streptomycin, the first viable antibiotic against tuberculosis. But his research advisor, Selsman Walksman, took the sole credit for the discovery, and went on to win the 1952 Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine. T...
This week in politics 0

This week in politics

Compiled by Ryan Baxter-King Obama stops the bleeding in second debate: On Tuesday, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney debated for a second time, in a town hall format at Hofstra University in New York. In what 
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Guest editorial: Emergency trial resolution gives Honor Council too much power

by Jack Hasler '15, guest contributor
(k) Extenuating Circumstances Under extraordinary circumstances that make normal jury selection and standard trial procedures impossible, in the interest of timely resolution to a case and fairness to the parties involved, Honor Counc...
Board meeting opens today 0

Board meeting opens today

At its first full meeting since the appointment of Dan Weiss as the next President, the Board of Managers, which convenes October 11-13, will begin laying the groundwork for Weiss’ arrival.

“This is the first time they’re getting their heads around the ‘transition year’ plan as a group...

John Carlos speaks in Stokes 0

John Carlos speaks in Stokes

John Carlos, the sprinter known for his iconic Black Power salute on the podium after winning the Bronze medal at the 1968 Olympic Games, spoke to a standing-room only audience in Stokes Auditorium last Friday. "It takes a lot for me to get nervous talking in public, but we are in the presence...
Dems’ goal: reelect Obama 1

Dems’ goal: reelect Obama

The Haverford College Democrats plan to campaign for politicians at the local, state, and federal levels of government, but this year the group is focusing especially on one mission: reelecting President Obama. The co-presidents of the group, Nora Howe ’14 and Lee Anderson ’15, know wh...