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Bad data sinks Forbes ranking 0

Bad data sinks Forbes ranking

A wrongly entered number in a government database caused Haverford’s ranking to plummet on Forbes’ list of top colleges, from seventh in 2011 to 27th this year. A footnote on the magazine’s page profiling Haverford reads: “Correcting the error would significantly improve Haverford’s ranking.” However,...

Perspective: David Wessel ’75 0

Perspective: David Wessel ’75

  This week we’re chatting with David Wessel ’75, current economics editor for The Wall Street Journal and author of the Capital column, a weekly look at the economy. He’s also the author of several books, including In Fed We Trust and, most recently, Red...

Perspective: John S. Carroll ’63 0

Perspective: John S. Carroll ’63

  Earlier this summer, I had the fortune of speaking with veteran journalist and editor John S. Carroll ’63 on his experiences in journalism and view of the industry today. Carroll has had a long, distinguished career in journalism – as a reporter in Vietnam, editor...